How it works?

From easy to easier, getting started has never been so straightforward. Simply download GreenSteaM’s smart app, register as a new customer, allow the app to pinpoint your GPS location, book the service you’d like, and we’re there!

Just follow these 4 simple steps:

  • Download the GreenSteaM app from Apple App Store or Google Play
    Simply open the Apple App Store or Google Play on your Smart Phone and search for the ‘GreenSteaM’ app, then download for free.
  • Register as a new user on the GreenSteaM app home page
    Once you’ve downloaded the GreenSteaM app, open up the app and the follow registration details on the first page.
  • Permit the GreenSteaM app to pinpoint your location through GPS
    The GreenSteaM app will need to be able to use your location through GPS to find your car. The app will request to use your GPS location, all you have to do is accept.
  • Book the service you want instantly
    On the app under ‘Services’ you will be presented with a variety of different treatments. Simply select the service you want for your car, and GreenSteaM will come to your exact location instantly!
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