Where it all began…

About GreenSteaM

If you’ve ever been disappointed by a car wash in the UAE or had to wait in long lines for your turn, GreenSteaM was established for you.

Inspired by a personal necessity, GreenSteaM was founded for the people of the UAE, who want instant, convenient and quality car washing, without the hassle of visiting a car washing outlet.

Not only is GreenSteaM the easiest option for car washing available on the market today, it also ensures that water is saved and that no toxic chemicals are released into the environment. It’s an eco-friendly, high-standard service that delivers every time – right on your doorstep.


Why choose us?

    You may not realise, but these tiny organisms live contently in every nook and cranny of your car, breeding on dead skin cells and moisture. With the high temperature of steam cleaning, these parasites are instantly killed, without the use of toxic, irritating chemicals, making your car a happy, healthy place to be.
    By using steam, you’re also going green! Steam uses just 1 litre of water to wash your entire car, and is also a 100% natural cleaning agent, minimising any negative environmental effects. And, in all its eco-friendly glory, steam also sanitises and deodorises a car! It’s simply the most special cleaning method on the market today.
    Gone are the days of wasting valuable time. Now, once your booking is made the rest is up to us. GreenSteaM will take care of your car whilst you go about your day, and you can even pay via the smart app. Steam cleaning requires no labour intensive scrubbing, pre-soaking or chemical use, making cleaning quicker than ever.
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